Welcome to our New Items Page.  Here you will find links where you can view and purchase all of our new items, including new molds recently added to the website.  All dolls are available in SFGW, Bisque, Kits (SFGW, Bisque or Painted), or Finished.  Many of our dolls have interchangeable body parts that allow for different poses.  Unless otherwise specified, your dolls will be poured in the color and pose that matches the doll shown.  If you need to purchase individual body parts such as a head, shoulder plate, arm, etc... please contact us for pricing.   

We add new molds on a regular basis, so if you do not see the doll you are looking for or have a request for a finished or portrait doll, please contact us.  

Enjoy your visit!

> Gallery Terms
SFGW - greenware soft-fired to cone 018 -  poured in the color of your choice - includes the body pattern

Bisque - fired and polished - ready to be painted - includes the body pattern 

Painted Bisque - painted - ready to be assembled - includes the body pattern 

Kits - includes wig, eyes, pate, lashes, body connectors - shoulder plate connector, bear joints or armature

Finished - ready to display - includes certificate of authenticity 



New Molds Recently Added!

Piper 8" by Expressions

Pouty 8" by Expressions

Pansy 8" by Expressions

Penny 8" by Expressions

Poppy 8" by Expressions

Mikey 21" All Porcelain by Lasting Impressions

Sally 21" All Porcelain by Lasting Impressions

Gigi 21" All Porcelain by Lasting Impressions